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TC Lenormand

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TC Lenormand Certified Hypnotherapist
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TC Lenormand
Certified Consulting Hypnotist
Director of Behavioral Dynamics
Hypnosis Houston

Weight Loss Hypnosis

At Hypnosis Houston I offer hypnosis aimed at helping people lose weight, gain self-confidence, and achieve an overall healthy lifestyle.

How We Can Help

Good Physical Fitness

Research has long stated that learning self-hypnosis or meditation can have a very positive impact on your health both physically and mentally. There are many ingredients to achieving good physical fitness.

Regression Therapy

Hypnosis Houston offers effective regression therapy for individuals seeking to move forward from the past events or memories in their life. As a certified hypnotherapist, I am able to create a customized and effective plan to help.

Fear of Flying

Many people come to hypnotherapy for help overcoming the fear of flying. Some people are mildly anxious about flying but find it gets worse over time -- others develop a full blown phobia with no apparent reason.

Self Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a tool that can be used to evoke personal evolution and change your life for the better. At Hypnosis Houston, I offer individualized private sessions to teach clients how to understand and utilize self-hypnosis.

About Hypnosis Houston


TC Lenormand
Certified Consulting Hypnotist
Director of Behavioral Dynamics
Member of National Guild of Hypnotists

Hypnosis Houston


By using hypnosis to stop smoking you can deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of giving up smoking, not just the habit; thereby making stop smoking a permanent change. Hypnosis has enjoyed a high success rate with stop smoking and is one of the most common reasons people consult hypnotherapists.


Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss and weight management in many ways.

  • Create a new self image.
  • Become more relaxed about weight loss and weight management. Learn to deal with stress that leads to poor eating habits.
  • Acquire a positive mental outlook about weight and diet. Feel better about yourself as you naturally make better choices and eat healthy.


Hypnosis can be helpful in building confidence so one can be calm and relaxed. Learn how to notice your body’s unique reaction to stress & anxiety, as you develop new and positive ways of thinking and feeling.

What can be accomplished through Hypnosis?

    • Weight Loss
    • Manage Stress and Anxiety
    • Break bad habits
    • Overcome phobias
    • Confidence & Positive Thinking
    • Earn Money & Achieve Success
    • Fear of Flying
    • Good Physical Fitness
    • Stop Smoking
    • Improve study skills
    • Improve athletic performance
    • Build confidence and improve self esteem
    • Regression Therapy
    • Insomnia & Difficulties Sleeping
    • Motivation & Self Confidence
    • Personal Development